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How To Help A Struggling Loved One

When you know or live with someone who is struggling. It can be hard to watch. You want to know what's wrong and so do they. Sometimes we don't always know what's going on inside but we feel it. Being there for them while they figure things out or are working through a rough time in their life can be the best thing you can do. 

Here's a list of ways you can be supportive. 

1. Bring them food – make them a home cooked meal or bring them some yummy takeout.

2. Help with errands – maybe they just need to pick up the dry cleaning or mail a package. That's a simple task you can add to your day and take away from theirs. 

3. See a movie – sometimes getting out or even staying in and watching a movie can help take some stress off your stressed loved one. 

4. Ask them what you can do – we try to imagine how people need help but why not just ask?

5. Housesit or babysit – do they have kids? If so, why not watch their little ones or home while they're gone so they can catch a break. 

6. Keep them company – maybe they are feeling lonely or don't want to go to an appointment by themself. Why not be with them and give them the courage and company they need.

7. Give them a thoughtful gift – maybe they haven't had the time to get their nails done or buy that special coffee they leave. Treat them. 

If you know of someone in need of our services, please take a look at our locations to find the nearest Bio-One office near you. Stay safe!