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U.S. Police & Fire Championships Announces Presenting Sponsor: Bio-One, Inc.


The California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF) is proud to announce that the 2021 United States Police & Fire Championships (USPFC) are now Presented by Bio-One, Inc. 


Operating under the motto, "Help First, Business Second," Bio-One provides high-level decontamination and biohazard cleanup services while offering clients the privacy and compassion needed at difficult times. Bio-One operates in 41 states with over 110 locations and is committed to providing first-class service. 


"We are thrilled to add Bio-One as the Presenting Sponsor for the 2021 USPFC because   First Responders warrant our support," said California Police Athletic Federation President LC Collins. "Bio-One’s reputation is second to none, and with their partnership, we can offer first responders a health and wellness outlet.  We look forward to working with them for years to come."


Founded by San Diego Police Lieutenant Veon "Duke" Nyhus, The United States Police & Fire Championships were first held in San Diego in 1967. Duke recognized the need to promote physical fitness and camaraderie among the Public Safety and First Responder community members. 


The USPFC caters to active and retired public safety and first responders who participate in Olympic-style competitions and open to individuals representing firefighters, law enforcement, and officers from corrections, probation, border protection, immigration, and customs across the country. Traditionally athletes compete in 45+ sporting events from biathlon to motocross across 35+ venues in Southern California.


"At Bio-One our support for Law Enforcement and Fire Service Officers is unwavering, and we're thrilled to partner with the California Police Athletic Federation during this memorable event," said Nick-Anthony Zamucen, founder of Bio-One. "We wish each athlete success and look forward to celebrating these everyday heroes."


The 2021 USPFC Presented by Bio-One will take place from June 10th to the 19th in venues across San Diego, California, and strengthen the relationship between First Responders and the community for many years to come!


About the United States Police and Fire Championships

The California Police Athletic Federation (CPAF) is the parent organization of two multi-sport programs designed for peace officers and firefighters. The World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) are open to active and retired law enforcement and fire service personnel throughout the world. The United States Police & Fire Championships (USPFC) are open to active or retired public safety and first responder personnel from an eligible agency within the USA. For more information, please visit 


Kris Elliott– Owner

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After the police are gone and the yellow tape has been cut, who is responsible for remediating crime scenes? The job is much more than cleaning up blood, tissue, human waste, or toxic drug residue. Bio-One’s technicians are the unseen force that restore normalcy and stability to the families affected. 


Historically, crime scene cleanup has usually been done by the victim's family. For many, facing the ghastly scene of such personal trauma was too much to bear and had lasting effects. In addition, scientific advancements in the 20th century have raised concerns over exposure to bloodborne pathogens and chemical residue. The need for trained technicians has given way to Bio-One being one of the nation’s leading crime scene clean up companies.


Marzena Ballou, one of our crime scene cleanup technicians says, “We never know what we’re going to walk in to. We go in with the mindset that we're there to help and we’ll do whatever it takes to get that family and their home back in order.  It’s really the only way you can handle the things we see and touch”.


Our work is done as discretely as we can. If there were a suicide or homicide in your neighborhood, it’s true that you would want to know.  The details are not for everyone and we certainly want to respect the privacy of such delicate matters for the family members.  


This job is not for everyone because the work can be both physically and emotionally taxing.  On the other hand, it is one of the most rewarding professions one can do.

There are jobs that make us lose our faith in humanity but then when the work is complete and the family members cannot thank us enough for helping them….I realize why I personally am in this business and why our employees are so dedicated.


If you ever know anyone who may need our services OR you are interested in helping others please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Kris Elliott




Author: Kris Elliott

I often times get asked, What is Bio-One and what do we do? You should see the looks I get when I tell people that we handle many traumatic events like suicides, homicides, undiscovered deaths, or hoarding situations. The almost always say “I bet you have seen some crazy stuff”. People think that we are crazy, nasty, or even disgusting for dealing with these scenes. Well, I really enjoy what I do and here is why.

I am not some sick and twisted person that loves the site of blood. We are kind, compassionate, caring individuals who want to get families through a tough time. In fact, it makes me very sad every time we are on a scene and I know that someone has lost a friend, family member, coworker, etc. The truth is these individuals have a tough enough time dealing with the stresses associated. They must work with coroners, funeral homes, law enforcement, court systems, and many other things that they never thought about. The last thing they should have to do is clean up the remains of their loved ones. That’s where we can help.

I have looked back on my past as a manufacturing expert and a volunteer firefighter. When I dwell on these my experience I have come to realize that my passion is helping people. I really enjoy knowing that I can and have made a difference in some way. Here at Bio-One we have the experience, knowledge, techniques and proper equipment to get these scenes cleaned up quickly and safely so that the family can focus on the grieving process to get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

The best part about all of this is that in most cases we can utilize the clients home owner’s insurance to pay for our services. We gather policy information and take it from there. In most cases we call in the claim for the client to get the process started and deal with the insurance companies directly. One less thing for the client to deal with on their end.

We generally don’t even discuss payment on the scene. We would rather get in get the situation resolved and get out. We will worry about payment when the time is right, and the stress has calmed down.

We hope you never have to use our services, but we are here if you find yourself in a tough position. While we can’t make the hurt go away but we can make the circumstances better. If you find yourself asking “What do I do now?” Give Bio-One a call and we will be more than happy to help get you through it.

Helping first, business second!

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Author: Kris Elliott

People with hoarding disorder excessively save items that others may view as nonvaluable. They have difficulties getting rid of or parting with possessions, leading to clutter that disrupts their ability to use their living or work spaces.

Hoarding disorder occurs in roughly 6 percent of the population and often leads to substantial distress and problems functioning. Hoarding is more common among older adults--three times as many adults 55 to 94 years are affected by hoarding disorder compared to adults 34 to 44 years old.

AT Bio-One we strive to work with Hoarders to resolve their concerns and get their lives back on track. The normal process is that a hoarder, family member, or friend contacts us about a problem they have. We set up a time that is convenient for the client for us to come out and access the situation. We generally spend 1-2 hours walking through the home to fully understand what the client expects from us and review what items are to be retained vs discarded. Once we have a full understanding of the owners wants/needs we write up a detailed estimate along with pricing. If the client is satisfied we make arrangements for personnel, equipment, and dumpsters to complete the job. Usually we can complete a hoarding job in 2-4 days depending on the severity.

Just last week our crew was working on a hoarding job in Orangeburg County approximately an hour and a half from our office (we travel where we are needed). This particular job hit our hearts with an urge to help this family in need. A woman and her three kids lived in a home that was not only cluttered but had been infested with bed bugs. Her son got hit by a car just outside their driveway a few months back. Not being able to get around the house in a wheel chair or having family and friends coming to visit him during this difficult time they decided they needed to take action. On top of mounds of trash and debris in the home, there were holes in the floor and bedbugs crawling everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere- crawling on the walls, on the furniture, on the debris in the home. There were two dogs in the home as well as a ferret who also used the home as a bathroom. With all that said it was our goal to get the home back to a suitable environment and we were there to fulfill the family’s needs.

Hoarding creates many safety concerns that people do not realize. One of the major concerns of hoarding is the inability to move through the home quickly in case of a fire. With limited access the hoarder cannot escape if needed nor can firefighters access the areas in case or emergency. Other concerns we see with hoarding is infestation of rodents/insects. The copious amounts of clutter allow many places for these critters to hide and make it even more difficult for them to be removed. Once the animals have settled in the home they begin urinating and defecating in areas throughout the home. This in turns creates biohazards that could cause severe health concerns.

We often find large amounts of mold in homes of hoarders. The amount of items hides water damaged concerns that cannot be seen or just simply cannot be accessed due to the debris. Mold is a very dangerous health concerns for anyone who breathes the spores and without treatment could be fatal.

You think these conditions are rare? I did too until I stepped into the Bio-One world. We, Bio-One SC, get calls each week for hoarding bids- and they are rarely for homes with a slight clutter problem. Hoarders have this stigma that they cannot shake mainly because people are unaware of what causes the desire to hoard. These people are not 'crazy' nor are they any different from you or me. I have found with experience that many hoarders are hoarding due to a significant loss and do not know how to deal with their pain and grief other than to surround themselves around things.

At Bio-One, all we can do is help get their home to a safe condition, and help the family understand that the problem is not fixed, it is just now being dealt with. Constant check ins of the hoarder from family members and even something as simple as hiring a maid service to come in once a week can help the hoarder live with their illness yet also keep their hoarding tendencies in better check.

Helping first, business second!

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